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Baryton Sib YAMAHA Neo 831 - Argenté

YBH-831 S


Baryton 3 pistons compensés - Argenté
Perce 12.28 / 13.5mm - Pav Ø240mm
Coffre - Embouchure - Accessoires d'origine

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Artist Messages :

Katrina Marzella
[International Soloist, Solo Baritone, Black Dyke Band]

The Neo baritone horn is set to revolutionise the preconceptions and expectations of baritone players across the world. Never before has the instrument been heard and felt with such presence. It is simply a joy to play: the sound has warmth, breadth and projected power in equal measure; the intonation is remarkably consistent; the efficient playing experience is second to none; and the production quality is exceptional. It has been my pleasure to be involved in this journey.

Thanks to Yamaha, the baritone horn has now found its voice.