Xylophone ADAMS 4 Octaves -  Solist Octave Tuned - Honduras rosewood Agrandir l'image

Xylophone ADAMS 4 Octaves - Solist Octave Tuned - Honduras rosewood



4 octaves C4-C8 - Lames Palissandre du Honduras 43-38.5 mm
Chassis à roulettes - réglable en hauteur
avec housse et baguettes

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Délai : env. 3 semaines

3'150.00 CHF TTC

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Xylophone Solist, XS2HV40, 4.0 okt., C4-C8, Octave Tuned, bars 43-38.5 mm, Voyager Frame

  • Graduated Adams Honduras Rosewood bars (43 - 38.5 mm) in4 octaves - Octave tuned
  • Octave tuning has the first overtone the two octaves above the fundamental for a clear and brilliant sound, and is mostly popular in Europe.
  • Voyager Frame with ingenious height adjustment system allows one person to easily and very precisely adjust the height to a comfortable playing position.
  • Lightweight resonators featuring a 2-position height adjustment for pitch and tone control
  • Vinyl wrapped rails and powder coated resonators for durability.
  • Hinged resonators and rails, a 2-piece crossbar, and the inventive frame make tear down and transportation an easy effort
  • Durable 100 mm lockable swivel casters allow easy movement
  • Optional Endurance Field Frame for the demands of outdoor performance ensembles. The extra-large wheels and oversized frame easily navigate outdoor terrain.
  • Includes drop cover and 1 pair of XB6 mallets