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ELECTRO-HARMONIX V256 Vocoder - Pédale



The V256 is a versatile and easy to use vocoder with the added benefit of being in a compact pedal format. Musicians no longer need large rack equipment, computer plugins, or large keyboards to get a wide array of classic and modern vocoder sounds as well as a few very unique vocal transposition effects. The V256 includes internal synthesizers for easy vocoding without an external instrument.

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295.00 CHF TTC

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Special Features of the V256:

 3 VOX-ROBO vocoder modes that feature a robotic synthesizer
 Single, Major, and Minor modes feature a drone synthesizer
 3 Brand new vocal transposition modes including TRANSPOSITION, INSTRUMENT CTRL, and REFLEX-TUNE
 Vocoder bands adjustable from a vintage sounding 8 bands to a smooth sounding 256 bands
 Save and load up to 9 presets: 1 preset for each mode.
 Scroll through the presets using the MODE knob or PRESET footswitch.
 Built-In balanced Mic Pre-Amp with switchable Phantom Power and Gain adjustment.
 Effect output on balanced XLR line output and 1/4” unbalanced instrument output